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French market entry 

We offer an in-depth French market entry service for companies wishing to start or grow their businesses in France.

Expanding a business in France is a complicated task mostly due to cultural barriers. The preconception that French people only speak french and are unwelcoming to foreign companies is unfortunately quite often true. Slowly, the younger start-up generation is changing this perception but the cultural wall is still a definitive business stopper. 

To break through this wall you will need people like us. We have extensive experience in the French market as locals and foreigners. We have no language or culturral barrier and are familiar with the business ecosystem. 

Our business plan is built upon our French local contacts, sourcing, marketing, communication, socialization and bidding markets:

  • Create a viable French market entry strategy.

  • Find the clients and bids that fits your service and provide the documentation accordingly.

  • Find local contacts or partners who can facilitate the transition into the French market.

We focus on overcoming the cultural and language barrier by helping you set up your business in France.

Market monitoring

  • Introductory meeting to assess expectations.

  • Monitoring of french bidding platforms.

  • Monitoring of the specialized press and forums.

  • Mail alerts in case of interesting bids with a short overview of the bid.​

​Monthly subscription 300€

+ applicable taxes


  • Creation of a roadmap and strategy adapted to the french public market.​

  • In case of suitable bid we build a solid roadmap, review existing documentation and fine tune according to the bidding.​

  • If you do not have a base bidding document we build it with you.  ​

​Includes market monitoring

Custom made quote.


  • Project management from start to end.

  • Deep market analysis Evaluation of competition, prices, past bid winners, market openness to foreign companies.

  • "Sourcing" for public and private clients.

  • On call contact for potential partners.​

  • Research of partners

​Includes consulting

Custom made quote.

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