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SEO service - Search engine optimization

Why is my website traffic so low?


Lack of rudimentary SEO hygiene reduces or eliminates the possibility of generating traffic through search engines in local or foreign markets.


How can I increase my website traffic?

SEO provides organic and technical tools to make your website visible in search engines.

What is SEO exactly?


Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website more attractive to search engines. This allows you to get from the second or third result page to the first on the google and others search engines for the selected keywords. The principle is to make your page is more trustworthy to search engines (eg. Google, Bing, Yandex...).


What is the purpose of the service?

Make the most of your public information field by reaching your desired target audience. The service consists of three steps:

  • Analytics – Creating a strategy​​

    • We analyze existing keywords, traffic, technical condition and analytics.

    • We create your first SEO report.

    • Build your SEO strategy.​

The result is a series of changes that will organically influence the readability of your website for search engines and visitors.

  • Action – Implementing the strategy

    • Making technical and organic changes.

    • Implementing a strategy for existing and new keywords.

The result is your first listing on the target keywords or your position change on the top 10 keywords generating visitors.

  • Monitoring – Monitoring the strategy 

    • Tracking the rankings

    • Reacting to changing variables.


The goal is to turn the visitor into a lead. This requires observing how the visitor behaves, succeeds and fails on becoming a lead.

Content of the Service

The three parts of the service will include the review of your website, online store and social media.


During the process, we will review the following:

  • Keywords

  • Internal references

  • External references (backlinks)

  • Front-end code

  • URLs

To whom the service is primarily intended:

  • Product re-seller

  • Product owner

  • Service Provider

  • Website administrator

  • Community manager

  • Communication Manager

  • Marketing manager

  • Marketing Specialist

  • Front-end developer


For more information: 

Mihkel Salm

+372 538 77 991

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