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Market monitoring

Mini kick-off

To start we need your input on three major elements from your actual business model:


  • What is your business and/or services?

  • Do you target France or french speaking markets?

  • Is your focus point on public and/or private?


After the kick-off meeting we will generate a report including leads, quick sale opportunities, the state of local and international competition. 

We decide together on how to exploit leads (clients, partners, bidding, etc..).


We research and map the actual business environment by monitoring:

  • Search engines keywords. 

  • All major bidding platforms.

  • "Sourcing" opportunities. 

  • News, forums and social platforms.


You will be provided:

  • monthly reports on targeted market(s).

  • Immediate notification if an interesting lead opportunity arises.

What do you get out of it?

Your first input on what to change, develop and/or what not to change for the french speaking market. Identify and act on the opportunities and traps that your business will encounter in the french market.

Start to build your strategy for the french market:


  • Is there a market for my service or product?

  • What do I have to change or develop to make the best market integration?

  • Should I start without making changes?


  • The french market is not for you.

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