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IT Translation and localization

Software translations

A Software end user is more likely to be comfortable with using the software in their native language. With the boom in the app market, the need for software localization has increased drastically. Our target is to make the software developer job easier. The translation should be made as soon as it is coded. Nowadays tools let us translate on the run without having to exchange cumbersome files and this speeds up the whole software developing process.


Translation of Video games

(Mobile games, PC games, console games)


The translation of games consists of translating the interface elements and game menus. First of all, this is a translation of the dialogues between the characters of the game which requires a lot of experience in the translation of games of a similar type, a detailed knowledge of the plot to be translated as well as the role of the characters. The same requirements are applied for both translation fields - Video games and fiction: the translation should be adapted to the audience, taking into account the peculiarities of the target language and characters in it should help create a memorable experience..


Chatbot translation

As you grow, long-tail customers in every corner of the world expect to interact with you and your products in their own languages and dialects, especially when it comes to chats.


Website translation and localization

Website translation is a necessary for breaking through in a foreign market. This does not consist of only literal translations, the website has to adapt to the culture it is targeting. This means that background colors, pictures and overall text needs to be adjusted to the target audience. 


Translation of manuals

The vast majority of an IT-translator's work consists of manuals for hardware and software. The difficulty is that these guides not only contain IT-terms but also are comprised of specific concepts related to the specialty of the equipment.


Translation of articles related to IT

Articles for IT-professionals often contain examples of coding or script commands and in order to understand and translate these articles adequately, the translator needs to have at least some basic knowledge in programming languages or in the command syntax to be described.

Tools & project management

We can directly connect to your code via GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab and VSTS integration.

Or use traditional word & exel files.

We currently support the following localization formats:

.po, .pot, .json, .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .ini, .resw, .resx, .xml, .strings, .xliff, .properties, .jsonkey, .yml, .xmb, .xtb.


String with Git connection

Minimal project management.

Automatic version control.



+ applicable taxes


Strings with file management

Moderate project management

File based version control.



+ applicable taxes


Words & pages


Moderate project management.

Word or Excel based version control.


0.04€/word or 20€/page

+ applicable taxes

Supported languages







If you need translation for an other language. Please let us know and we will make it happen.

What can influence the price?

The main components that will influence your quote are timee constraints, size, complexity and context.

To get a quote

1. Send your main localisation file to

2. Make sure to include the deadline, the desired language and any other useful information

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