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Product development

This service is designed for idea owners, startups and businesses that seek to plan and kick off their product development. Depending on the vision, goals and iterations some if not all of those tools will be used in the product development process. 

Some of the stages of product development are described below.

Kick off

It's a max 3 days kick off period where we tackle every aspect of your product.



  • A map of your vision

    • The team. Who do you need to be or to find?

  • Road map of your goals

    • MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to the technically yet impossible (in 2020). 

  • Plan of deliverable iterations

    • Markets where you should and can start.

    • Cooperation tools for your team.

In short you will have your technical road map to kick off your product/idea development. Usually it means a lot of changes to your business plan... 

The art of "sprint" planning and change management.

An agile or waterfall approach to product development is always a costume made process.

There are many changing variables. The stakeholders various profiles, time availability, number, relationships and goals. The different technologies, human interactions and the business risks management have also to be taken into account. There is a need of constant monitoring and change integration. 

This change integration needs to be well managed to get the best result to avoid resource burning and team breakdowns. 


  • Better resource planning and forecasting.

  • Roadmap status overview.

  • Being able to react to changing variables.

  • Team health overview. 

Technical side or the "Dev  stack"

One of the biggest road block to a new product or to an add on to an existing one is what technology should be used.

How to navigate between all the possible coding languages, frameworks, costume made developments and open sources?

There are of course exceptions but mainly it is a trade off between your team knowledge and the technological possibilities for the task at hand. 


  • Understanding why the developers want one technology over another. 

  • Deciding between searching for a new technology or going on with the one that you already have.


Wire framing helps visually guide teams to play through their ideas and avoid most of the U-turns during the development process. 

We use in house Boostrap, hmtl and css wire framing and also cooperation tools such as InVisionApp, Moqups and Sketch


  • Product wireframe.

  • Learn the design process that fits your team needs.

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