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Estonian companies that have successfully entered the French market.

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

The French market is known to be somewhat unfriendly towards foreign companies. Only a few Estonian businesses can say that they were successful in France. Here are some examples.

1. Tahe Outdoors -

Tahe outdoors is a global manufacturer and distributor of watersports equipment.

In 2013 they bought a French company called Egalis and produce 200 000 kayak paddles in their French factory. Their main client is the biggest French sportswear retailer Decathlon. Currently they have 2 manufacturing and 3 logistics facilities in France. They are the best example of a success story in France. They bought a local company and are manufacturing there, giving value to the french and succeeding thanks to this.

The most famous Estonian unicorn ride sharing app has also extended his business in France. The first probe into scooter renting was unsuccessful but the ride sharing service is working in the two largest cities Paris and Lyon. They are planning to spread into other major cities in 2020. They are a good example of succeeding through adversity. Their ride sharing app has been fought against by taxi companies.

Palmako is the leading manufacturer and exporter of square log garden houses and laminated timber in Estonia. One of their major markets is France. Their products are sold through local retailers. Different kind of wooden constructions are quite a popular export articles to France. Many woodcraft companies are currently focusing on the French market.

4. Adcash -

Adcash is a global self-serve online advertising platform for media buyers, affiliates, ad networks and publishers. The particularity of this company is that it is based in Estonia but was created by two Frenchmen. Their success is worldwide, that includes France where they have an office. They show that growing a startup in Estonia and expanding it back to your home country is feasible.

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