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Overview of French public bidding market

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

The bidding market in France is complex and can be difficult to navigate. We will try to give you a small overview of the bidding system.

The government institutions and sites:

  • PLACE - The state bidding platform PLACE is the platform for the digitization of state market procedures. It allows companies to consult and respond to consultations from State services in central administration and decentralized services, public establishments under their jurisdiction, as well as chambers of commerce and industry and the Union of public purchasing groups (UGAP).

  • BOAMP - Official bulletin of public bidding announcements disseminates public notices of competition launched by the state, the army, the regions, the departments, the municipalities and their establishments. It allows free identification and monitoring of business opportunities for companies. It offers practical tools for understanding the rules of public procurement.

  • JOUE - Supplement to the Official Journal of the EU TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) is the online version of the 'Supplement to the Official Journal' of the EU, dedicated to European public procurement.

  • Newspapers entitled to receive legal notices (JAL) To publish legal notices, a newspaper must receive an authorization. Each year and for each department, the list of newspapers for legal announcements is established by a prefectural decree.

In addition to government sites, most regions, departments, territories, public institutions, towns have their own bidding sites. Here are some examples:



Public institutions:

Private companies that try to compile all the different bids that are out there on their sites. They also provide bidding platforms for other public entities. The main players in this business are (with some of their statistical claims) :

Having a lot of bids on your site is jolly good but the more important thing is to host the "DCE" (the tender documentation). Only one site can do that for each bid, so all these sites are fighting for hosting it.

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