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Roombooking app - an easy way to manage your meeting rooms

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

We are working on introducing the roombooking app to the French market. This is a good example to show what Estonian IT can provide to the French market.

What is the roombooking app?

The app is designed to facilitate (digitize) the management of meeting/conference rooms in offices. The app lets you organize the whole business meeting process, from inviting guests via emails to remotely controlling the temperature of the meeting room.

Its main features are:

  • Possibility to add tablets next to meeting rooms where employees can book or check for availability (pic of the UI above).

  • Meeting rooms temperature, lighting and projector settings can be changed remotely in advance of the meeting (or during)

  • The system is compatible with almost all of the widely used planning software solutions

  • Internet and web browser only needed to use it

This app is an excellent product to push in the French market since France is known to be a very administration driven country. A lot of meetings, especially in governement related organizations. Roombooking would help them simplify and digitize their meeting processes.

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